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In today's times all of us are challenged to deliver our best in a very dynamic environment. The world around us is changing so fast that we need to constantly learn new ways to cope and new approaches to overcome the multifarious challenges. As organizations strive to compete and succeed in the global economy, differentiation on basis of skills, knowledge and motivation of employees is becoming a critical success factor for organizations. As put so graphically in the classical book, Alice in Wonderland, "to remain in the same place, we need to run twice as fast". This statement is indeed applicable to any employee and any company which wants to keep its head out of water. The famous words of the Greek philosopher "the only thing constant is change" has never been truer than in today's times.

How do organizations cope with this flux and transformational change? How do the employees continue to function and in fact become better in terms of delivery and results, even as they face new challenges regularly? To face this situation, companies have to have developed concrete plans on how they will manage change. Transformation Management thus is becoming a critical survival skill for companies today. Senior leadership is grappling with the live issue of preparing their employees to embrace change and thus enable the company to stay ahead of the curve.

Fortunately companies have help at hand. They need not reinvent the wheel every time the company is buffeted with waves of change. Transformation Management requires an organization to think through their business strategy and build appropriate capabilities in the employees to make the right choices, in the absence of very clear future directions. Transformation management is creating within the company a skill set to navigate the high seas of competition in a radically changing business scenario. This goes beyond skill development. Very often this may involve working on the culture of the organization and creating new approaches and new skills amongst the employees so that they are confident to face the challenges of the uncertain future and emerge successful.

BasilHR can work with clients to identify change champions and equip them with the necessary skills to be able to pilot and drive Transformation Management across the company.


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